These are the fixing services available at the
May 18th Repair Café.











Thanks to all of our amazing volunteers!

  • Allison S: Wool
  • Allan C: Event Support
  • Barbara S: Writer
  • Barbie F: Event Support
  • Bill M: Event Support
  • Bob C: Woodwork, Electrical, Bikes, Admin Team
  • Carol L: Event Support
  • Celeste D: Event Support
  • Chris D: Clocks and Barometers
  • Colin E: General Repairs, Electrical, Wood
  • Colin C: General Repairs
  • Criena H: Event Support
  • David B: Electric, Carpentry
  • Dave C: General, Bikes
  • Dan L: Event Support
  • Dee W: Event Support
  • Denise D:  Wool
  • Doug P: General, Bikes
  • Freida S: Sewing, Serging
  • Geoff O: Bikes, General Electronics, Small Appliances
  • Geoffry T: General, Electric, Electronics, Bikes
  • Graham B: Carpentry, Electrical, Admin Team
  • Greg A: Tech Help, General Repairs, Admin Team
  • Greg B: Electrical, Wood
  • Jamie K: General, Electronics, Wood, Instruments
  • Janet B: Sewing, Event Support, Admin Team
  • Janice H: Event Support, Data Management
  • Jennifer W: Sewing, Small Electrical
  • Jim P: Electronics
  • Joe S: General Fixer
  • John W: Electrical, Mechanical, Photo Restoration
  • Judith S: Sewing
  • Kathryn H: Jewelry, Fabric
  • Keith D: Event Support
  • Keri M: Event Support
  • Kim DL: Scribe
  • Kirk D:  Wood/Electrical, Event Support
  • Madison M: Social Media
  • Marlyn D: Event Support, Admin Team
  • Maria B: Electronics Support
  • Mel Z: Bikes, Event Support
  • Mike C: Computers, Electronics, General
  • Mona A: Jewelry
  • Oliver B: Event
  • Peter S: General, Wood
  • Polly S: Event Support, First Aid, Admin Team
  • Philip J: Bikes
  • Rani J: Sewing, Knitting, First Aid
  • Rebecca G: Tech Help, Event Support, Admin Team
  • Rick L: Bikes
  • Sandy P: Jewelry, Needlepoint
  • Sherley E: Sewing, Event Support
  • Stan Z: Sharpening, Mechanical, Computer Repair
  • Sue K: Technology, iPhone, Recycling Info
  • Susan M: Volunteer Coordinator, Admin Team
  • Ted H: 3-D printing
  • Terry F: Bicycles, Event Support
  • Tracey F: Event Support
  • Trudy B: Industrial Sewing
  • Wayne P: General, Wood
  • Wendy S: Jewelry, Sewing